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Radiant Colors has been working closely with tattoo artists from around the world, allowing us to produce a tattoo ink using the latest technology in the field. Radiant Colors tattoo ink is of the highest quality and is Made in USA. Sterilised and easy to apply Radiant Colors tattoo inks are made with pure, uncut, homogenized pigment with a homogenic fluid mix, allowing it to throw a solid, long lasting and brilliant color.

Radiant Colors is a company that specializes in the art of tattooing. We have been working closely with renowned tattoo artists from all over the world. This learning experience has allowed us to launch an ink using the latest technology in the field. Radiant Colors has dedicated itself to create a sterilized, easy to apply, pure, uncut homogenized pigment. Our homogenic fluid mix throws a solid, long lasting, bright color.
Radiant Colors commits with you, our customer, by delivering a product which allows you to capture your vision on the tattooed skin. Not only do we offer a high quality product, but we also offer you the best attention and service in every single purchase.


Range of tattoo supplies and piercing equipment available from just one source. Plus, because we hold stock of all products we can offer same day dispatch on orders made before 4.00pm to all our customers both in the UK and abroad.

Same Day Dispatch
No Minimum Order
Free Delivery
Large Range of Tattoo & Piercing Supplies
Price Match Promise
Order by Phone, at Trade Counter or through Website
Excellent Customer Service

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               True Gent Premium Tattoo Needles
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These ready-made needles are all certified to be utilised within the European Union and their safety is therefore guaranteed. Part of the precise nature of these round-liner needles arises from the fact that a grommet is tightly fitted to the unit. This will help to lessen the perceived vibrations between the tattoo machine and the tip of the needle (allowing for extremely detailed work to be completed easily). There are a number of different sizes available in each pack


The brand new True Gent Premium Cartridges are designed and created to meet the highest of technical specifications. The care taken and attention to detail during the manufacturing process has resulted in True Gent being able to supply the tattoo industry with a new standard bearer in the tattoo cartridge market.

Fitted with safety membrane for ultimate hygiene. Each box contains 20 individually wrapped sterile needle cartridges.

MTS Supremacy Needles:

Custom made exclusively for us here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies. As the name suggests, these are the most premium needles money can buy. Absolute Precision!

Made using premium 316L grade stainless steel, they offer the most consistent performance of any tattoo needle on the market. The accuracy of the resulting work together with the reliability of performance make these needles a cut above the rest.

Machine polished and hand soldered using lead free solder.

Sterilised using EO Gas. 

Micro needle diameter: 0.35mm

Taper: 5mm.

 1 box = 50 Needles

MTS Tattoo Needles:

Highest quality, sterile, pre-soldered, ready made, on the bar tattoo needles, individually blister packaged.

Our selection of round-liner tattoo needles are perfect for the professional tattoo artist that is looking for truly spectacular graphical results while maintaining stringent levels of safety. Each needle is completely sterilised prior to shipment and protected with an individual blister package. Therefore, the needle can be immediately used without worrying about any dirt or debris. As they are constructed from stainless steel each is visually guaranteed to be free from hooks or burs, the needles themselves are of the highest quality.